Brian Lee Bender, is writing his own unique story, one song at a time.

Nominated twice for “breakthrough” country artist of 2018, and 2017 by New Music Weekly, he writes for everyone, while blending his musical influences of rock and pop into his California country sound.

As a seasoned live performer Brian is looking to have a positive impact on the lives of anybody who needs the blessing of music and he will not shy away from playing the great songs of others, to break the ice.

But be aware, he seeks to have his own voice heard, forever comparing his work to his peers. “When I play my own song next to a great song everyone knows, I expect that the listener will appreciate what I have done, and understand my hard work and passion for what sound and story can do between us, if I am who I say I am, then my songs will compete and neither of us will not be wasting our time”

His self proclaimed OCD approach to everything musical and technological brings out a beast load of skills, from playing most instruments at a studio level, to writing award winning songs, knowing how to “mix with the masters” while mastering his own music, even taking some of his own press photos to coding his own website. He is truly independent and seizing the opportunities of a connected world, determined to bring value to the world, where we don’t need genres, fresh is good, honest is good, hey “this is my sound” I hope you feel me through it.

In 2018, his recent work, hit the globe with radio and video success “I’m Here To Party With You”, a catchy fun song kind of makes you want to shake a little and sing along. He continues to release singles from this record which showcase “his best work yet”.

In 2017, several of his songs have climbed the charts in New Country Music, “Drive Forever” and “Girlfriend No. 2”

He still believes in writing to create a listening experience by sequencing tracks into an album, much like a DJ set. Play a full record through and see if you can feel his musical knowledge in the sound of his work.



Here’s a review for my newest single “Sunshine”…

Posted by Brian Lee Bender on Saturday, February 16, 2019


Brian Lee Bender
1300 Mariemont Ave
Sacramento, CA 95864
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