Brian Lee Bender

Rebecca Cullen

Writer / Founder @ Stereo Stickman

“Big hooks, bright melodies and musical optimism rain down in strong supply throughout Brian Lee Bender’s latest album release. Fusing the organic instrumental set-up of country, with the warmth of pop-rock and the conceptual optimism of a songwriter with a genuine love for to the art-form”


Verified ReviewJackie W. • June 25, 2018

Versatile, accommodating and entertaining!

Brian was wonderful! He began by playing his guitar and singing thru the appetizer and dinner portion of the evening. He was attentive to the time and made our announcements as needed. When the dance party started he turned up the music engaging the crowd. I appreciated his patience with the grandkids, the teenagers and Spencer who wanted to DJ with him. He was so kind and gracious. I would highly recommend him.

Verified ReviewGisele • November 4, 2020

Marvelous country performance!

Brian was everything we had hoped for and much more. He was such a great addition to our birthday celebration. The whole family loved him. His playlist resonated with all of us. Brian is very easy to work with. I recommend him without any hesitation. It’s good to know there are still people who take pride in their art. We had a blast, Brian.Thank you!