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1) I Saw Her Standing There – Instant Energy – 1,2,3,4 (14 Song Series)

“One, Two, Three, Four”…

That’s the count in at 161 beats per minute and when you hear those words, you don’t have much time to decide. Will you get up and dance? Grab your girl and swing her around? Does this at least put some pep in your next step?

Instant Energy

All the musicians know that “I Saw Her Standing There” by the Beatles is nothing more than a blues tune speed up with a rock-n-roll bridge to give the song some tension and release. But make no mistake, this was a recipe for a packed dance floor, and everybody singing along with the band.

So, lets say, I’m bored, I want to be happy and I want my fans to be happy. Let’s give them fourteen songs that will fill them with happiness and joy and get them singing and sometimes dancing along.

Covid Sucks – We know

This leads me to the why I put together an awesome band in Nashville and invested in making a record of 14 of my favorite Beatles tunes. No matter how, when or where or why, just start with 1,2,3,4 and we are up and moving.

In other words we can still be happy. We can still get fired up for our work day or our day of lockdown. Nothing can stop our desire to just let go and celebrate the life that we do have. Take this one song for a spin, see if you don’t break a smile or pick up the pace of what you are doing. We are wired to endure, to persevere, to survive and move forward.

Covering The Beatles – 14 Songs – a way to fight the bite of Covid.

Fifty years ago, The Beatles played their last show together and had trouble letting the world know they were breaking up. They taught America about the beautiful music that was more or less created here but taken for granted. The youthful talented group of boys, just turned it up, speed it up and recorded it with great comradery, grew their hair and started fads that were rebellious in nature. They were in fact an act. But without the willingness of the many souls who bought in to the show, this music is possibly forgettable.

The truth is, you the fans are enabler of all music. In the case of The Beatles, or any band for that matter, its you that has to let go and decide you want to succumb to the energy and align yourself with its message.

For the next 13 songs, let me be the DJ as I take you on a musical experience that won’t ask much of you other than to simply let go and have fun.

Covering The Beatles – Here we go!

“One, Two, Three, Four”…

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