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3) Norwegian Wood – What is a Sitar? – (Covering The Beatles – 14 Song Series)


The sitar is a plucked stringed instrument, originating from the Indian subcontinent, used in Hindustani classical music.

You might say that using it on “Norwegian Wood” a folk rock song was kind of like “fusion” , blending one continent with another in a song.

Cool, Unique and Catchy

There is a great story in the lyric of this one, where, the male starts by saying “I once had a girl”, but then immediately corrects himself to say “she once had me”, admitting that this “Norwegian” got the better of him or was at least in charge of everything.

The fabric of the song, lead by the beautiful sound of the a sort of out of tune sitar, keeps the listener very much involved. The Beatles were so crafty in doing things that were unexpected but somehow made to be cool and catchy.

Covid Sucks – We know

But don’t you just want something else to do besides staying glued to political coverage or watching the map explode with more cases of the pandemic? Music like this can take you away from your troubles, kind of like a nice dose of medicine.

You don’t have to work all that hard to sing along, most people know the lyrics by heart.

In other words we can still be happy. We can still get fired up for our work day or our day of lockdown. Nothing can stop our desire to just let go and celebrate the life that we do have. Take this one song for a spin, see if you don’t break a smile or pick up the pace of what you are doing. We are wired to endure, to persevere, to survive and move forward.

Covering The Beatles – 14 Songs – a way to fight the bite of Covid.

Fifty years ago, The Beatles played their last show together and had trouble letting the world know they were breaking up. They taught America about the beautiful music that was more or less created here but taken for granted. The youthful talented group of boys, just turned it up, speed it up and recorded it with great comradery, grew their hair and started fads that were rebellious in nature. They were in fact an act. But without the willingness of the many souls who bought in to the show, this music is possibly forgettable.

The truth is, you the fans are enabler of all music. In the case of The Beatles, or any band for that matter, its you that has to let go and decide you want to succumb to the energy and align yourself with its message.

More songs ahead, kick back let me be the DJ as I take you on a musical experience that won’t ask much of you other than to click and simply let go and have fun.

Covering The Beatles – Here we go!

“Can you hear make out the sound of the sitar? hear it below…

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