Freedom USA – “UN FUCK IT”

      Watch your mouth…

      The F word is not my normal cup of tea unless I really want to make a point. Yeah it will get attention when used sparingly and with great meaning. That’s why I am saying “UN FUCK IT” to the world in this post right now, when the 2020 election is still yet to be called.

      Too many paid the price not to care

      Are you too watching the most unbelievable fraud raining down on your “American Dream”?

      Men and women have paved the way for our freedom and there are many forces both inside and outside the USA that are targeting its power over people . Security both for you and your family and for out nation is always at stake. CENSORSHIP has been running rampant, where social media is filtering only the message that is bought and paid for by those who wish to dumb down your rights, and keep the individual from speaking out.

      You have the power of your voice

      Say it now, “fuck”, “fuck it”, “UN FUCK IT”… Are you still ok? Of course you are, but now that you have spoken these words, understand this is your right to use your voice and its even more important that you don’t just sit there and watch bad things go by without speaking up. You in fact could stand up for what you believe in.

      Note, I am not talking about violence. I am talking about being heard. Make sure that if you value your freedom to speak out, that you are always willing to protect this right. Never assume that it will be there if you don’t take the time to defend it. It’s actually the one thing that allows America to be so considerate of each and every individual.

      Freedom USA” – my song using my own voice

      I wrote this song…

      All right America let’s get our shit together, come on
      White trash trailer park
      Growing up in the middle of the good ol’ USA
      My daddy said “son, you gotta’ go to school
      But I’m sorry boy you’re gonna’ have to pay
      I was reading about the revolution, what it says in the constitution
      Now I’m going back to find the “freedom” of my father’s time

      Well I got me a job, I got me a woman
      And we’re working real hard everyday
      But, they “ran out of land” said good ol’ uncle Sam
      As he handed me the debt I have to pay
      What I need is a real solution, but I can’t see through the air pollution
      I’m going back to find the “freedom” of the “USA”

      I know you’re in there somewhere, come on, this is my country
      Now George and Tom have made it so
      There must be something we don’t know
      About “freedom” in the USA
      I thought being an American meant
      Everybody was gonna’ win
      How come I’m a loser, today
      As my “freedom” slips away
      I’m going back to find the “freedom” of the “USA”

      Seen plenty of blue and a whole lot of red
      But I just can’t seem to find any white
      I’ve seen piles of Americans who paid with their life
      But the kids don’t have the same appetite
      There’s got to be some restitution
      Let’s go looking in the constitution and

      Bring it on back to the “freedom” of the good ol’, let’s
      Bring it on back to the “freedom” of the good ol’
      Let’s bring here on back to the “freedom” of the good ol’ “USA”
      Come on let’s sing it together

      My vision of a free America

      “This is my Country”

      My thanks to you for taking the time to hear these important words. Now go “UN FUCK IT” before its no longer your right…

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