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Brian Lee Bender – Photography, Digital Art (artpal.com)

It’s a blessing and a curse to have a mind that wants to do everything all at once. While I continued to make music, photography just happened. In some ways it’s a welcome break from the grind of being a musical artist, a chance to just create without being so critical of your work. In this way I have learned to create quickly and not think too much about it. Just capture and moment and keep it simple, and finish.

Twisted pictures came from the idea that most things have been done before. Certainly, there are much better photographers with a lens, so I took the approach to try new things and just be me.

One of my greatest pleasures is to print these images on canvas and change the energy in my workspace or home. These photos come to life and create a conversation between people in the room. I love that part and often give these canvas wall pieces away to people I care for. But not before I get to display them in my own home, before they leave me.

You can purchase these for yourself in the size and frame that you want.

Brian Lee Bender – Photography, Digital Art (artpal.com)